Benet Catty Productions

Single Fare to Zurich

A play by
James Woolf

James Woolf sets his black comedy about assisted death in two adjacent Zurich apartments, where the walls are paper-thin and the four chairs in Benet Catty’s accomplished direction are moved around by the four actors to indicate changes of scene.

In one apartment an apparently depressed young man (Robert Lightfoot) has arrived in order to end his life, and in the other a lively young woman (Ashlea Kaye) has come in hopes of a night of sex. Neither their expectations, nor those of the other two characters, are met in ways they anticipated. The eventual switch of partners can be foreseen but the author is experienced enough to make the shifts plausible and he writes a splendidly comic scene where the suicidee’s wish to lose his virginity before dying is satisfied.

Jeremy Kingston, Times Critic & Festival Judge


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