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I Really Must Be Getting Off

Premiere of the play by
James Martin Charlton

The country house play is a dependable form for detailing the state of (part of) the nation, and it gets a vigorous outing here courtesy of James Martin Charlton... There is some splendid catty dialogue. Benet Catty's production is brisk and confident, choreographing the actors between scenes to a thundering piano soundtrack. The cast acquits itself very well indeed, especially Adam Napier as Bosco and Andrew Chisholm as Severn.

Time Out

The cast are uniformly good in Benet Catty's production, especially Adam Napier's Bosco, Daniel Crossley (as Andrew) and Andrew Chisholm as the terminally bored host. James Martin Charlton has some good and bitchy turns of phrase.

What's On


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