Benet Catty Productions

Blind Eye

Premiere of a new play by
Susannah Finzi

"All the cast deliver robust performances that underscore the weighty issues at hand, especially Sutherland’s calculating Otto, Amias’ prosecutor whose initial zeal is later tempered by doubts, and Green’s fatigued negotiator, who finds within himself the strength to make a difference one last time.

It is a testament to the writing that one can imagine Blind Eye working as a film and doubly impressive that is from a first-time writer."

Female Arts

"excellent acting, fantastic direction and choreography... considerable potential... an interesting narrative"

Public Reviews

"The play touches upon many important issues and creates an atmosphere of suspense... I do see great potential in this play because it tackles very important issues and keeps your attention.

The cast was very good, particularly Gil Sutherland as Otto."

UK Theatre Net

"At its best, the show is a meditation on the myriad tragedies populating the 20th century. It opens with a series of rapid­-fire scenes between the legal team working on the case, news reports on war torn regions and an unnamed older man musing on morality. The effect is striking and disorienting and the production cleverly draws you into its narrative before you fully understand what you’re watching.

Stefan played brilliantly by Anthony Green...

...the main narrative is so captivating and well written... with a surprising deftness for a relatively new writer."


"A mood of instability is forcefully established from the off as this play, about international law and personal morality, begins with frantic changes of setting. The mood is serious, the pace swift as the play switches between a Parisian law office in 1982 and a basement room under fire in the Lebanon.

Gil Sutherland inhabits the central role of Otto perfectly, displaying his outward charisma and confidence, which shields a more complicated, sinister character buried beneath the surface... magnificent central performance."

The Stage

"The themes that dominate BLIND EYE are indeed thrilling: moral ambiguity, the justice system, war criminals and stained family relationships."

"strong performances... Gil Sutherland plays Otto with a real glint in his eye"

British Theatre Guide


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