Benet Catty Productions

Kiss of the Spiderwoman

Revival of the play by
Manuel Puig
translated by Allen Baker

This one, everyone has heard of, but few have ever seen. It's been an award winning musical and an Oscar winning film. Ten years ago it was an Edinburgh Fringe play. Now Manuel Puig's romantic thriller is back. David Westerby (fresh from Shopping and F***ing), and Sebastian Bates tell the story of the gay window dresser and the straight Marxist, co-habiting a prison cell. Westerby in particular shines as Molina, who wants to share more than good stories with the moody Valentin. Both leads captivate their audience completely in a tightly performed, highly professional production that deserves to be seen by every serious lover of good drama.

Scotsgay ****

Benet Catty has once again excelled himself with this heartbreakingly tender interpretation of Manuel Puig's classic love story... the timeless issues of gender and masculinity are deftly handled with a sensitive and delicate bittersweet touch which breaks away from conventionally stereotypic characterisations... the lighting and soundtrack create a haunting atmospheric... I challenge anyone without a heart of stone not to shed a tear at this moving reinvention of a sometimes unfamiliar classic.

Three Weeks ****

This intriguing and highly charged drama... David Westerby's passionate and well-controlled performance as Molina is fascinating to watch. In a part that could so easily have succumbed to overacting, Westerby delivers it with strength and subtlety. With a simple set and careful lighting the pair work off each other to such an extent that the tension is almost palpable.

Edinburgh Guide ****

Superb. Fine actors present emotion-charged work.

Fringe Website Audience Forum *****


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