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David Mamet

David Mamet's cynical view of the Hollywood film business arrives with a snarl and a sneer... delivered with confident performances all round. Mamet's material demands a firm yet subtle hand, which the players provide. The actors manage to combine macho posturing with the need to build and maintain suspense to the end. Strong stuff.

Radio Forth ***** (9/10)

Mamet's shadowy satire on the Hollywood movie industry raises many questions... Amongst the questions you'll find some smart-acting, with a fast-talking cast of three carrying off this dark, edgy, and very thought-provoking play. Have a look at this play.

Three Weeks ***

A competent, confidently performed production of Mamet's play about a movie producer caught in the classic double-bind of artistic merit vs. commercial interest.

The List ***

It's a sharp and funny play. Quintessential Mamet, it has cynical hard-talking American men... but with gentle and quite sympathetic characterisation.

Edinburgh Guide ***

David Mamet's sharp-witted examination of Hollywood greed... Good performances for a demanding play.

Culture Wars

Mamet writes spellbinding quick-fire dialogue with such rhythm and pace it is almost rapping. This simple black-box production focuses attention on the three players. High energy cast. **

Young cast up to speed on Mamet's gem... the lead trio excelled themselves in the telling of Mamet's withering anti-Hollywood satire. Gerry Howell and Brett Goldstein are confident and energetic as the male leads. Naturally, in such capable hands, Mamet's dialogue will never disappoint. Dry one-liners and pearls of wisdom pepper proceedings.

Edinburgh Evening News ****


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