Benet Catty Productions

Jump - Edinburgh 2010

Aug 19, 2010

Whatsonstage ***

This silk purse production of a silly bit of musical fluff follows a struggling young painter as he relives the events involving his standard-issue parents and quirky girlfriends which have lead him to the brink of jumping off a building.

The trouble is that the script is not nearly as funny as the talented cast play it. It has some funny one-liners, not least from the mother bitching about her son (“She’s got him smoking like a black man. No wonder his painting’s crap.”) but with the exception of a pleasant love duet towards the end, the songs are tedious, adding nothing of dramatic or melodic value. The script’s endless sexual references are sixth-form puerile.

Adam Purnell’s attractive and adaptable set and the pace and precision of Patrick Wilde’s production give it all much more than it deserves. As Wilde did with Blondel, he makes uninspired material jaunty and entertaining. The true star of the show is Wilde but the material remains pretty tame.

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