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A Solitary Choice - Edinburgh 2010

Aug 17, 2010

Whatsonstage ***

“No-one has ever called me magnificent” says the central character in Sheila Duncan’s engaging but run-of-the-mill play. I believe her. This is a woman who cheats on her husband for one night of passion, ends up pregnant and has to decide whether to keep the baby or not. A common enough story, perhaps, but that doesn’t make it theatrical.

Michael Allen’s production has a couple of effective moments: at one point Lee engages with her own shadow looming against the back wall, and the finale is very effective. Otherwise, he and actress Tamara Lee are unable to animate or breathe life into a bland monologue.

The writing has some good touches. She describes her unborn daughter as “a little weed that has taken root in the wrong soil” and her fear that she’ll “never know the taste of flight”. But, for the most part, like the play’s pivotal liaison, it is an empty and humourless affair.

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