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Flirt Fiction - Edinburgh 2011

Aug 13, 2011

Whatsonstage ***

This is a diverting way to round off an evening: a silly, naughty, promising new play from Australian writer Jessica Craig-Piper in which a young couple stretch their sexual ranges by each attempting to write erotic fiction for the other. They both imagine the same girl, a waitress (ďVenusĒ), as their muse and the fantasies start coming to life, in a style reminiscent of Cy Coleman's City of Angels.

Itís nicely performed by the Australian cast, and it includes Venus spending much of the evening in her underwear and the wife spanking her husband (impressively hard) with a riding crop. It also features the limpest dick youíll see this side of the government front bench when a strap-on makes a climactic (or, in fact, not) appearance. Itís silly rather than sexy, and a show to laugh with rather than blush at.

Despite its quirky charm, the play is pretty thin, although more nuanced than one might expect from the subject, and the production lacks the pace and presentational flair which the writing seems to lend itself to.

Flirt Fiction may be less than orgasmic but itís far from limp.

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