Benet Catty Productions

Anatomy of Fantasy - Edinburgh 2010

Aug 17, 2010

Whatsonstage ****

The legendary American director Harold Prince once remarked that a show has to look as good as it sounds. Anatomy of Fantasy, the latest dance piece from the much-awarded Do-Theatre, delivers this big time.

Phil Von and Def’s extraordinary and varied score - performed live by his own hands, voice and feet - creates a world beautifully matched by the gorgeously lit series of tableaux formed by five dancers with various objects and projections.

What links them together is harder to say. The show is at its best during its major set pieces that are often awe-inspiring. Its more quiet, abstract indulgences can be a touch soporific. The music has echoes of everything from Torsten Rasch to Thomas Newman, and the spectacle is hard to fault. Image after image could hang on your wall.

Fans of dance theatre or high-energy spectacle are unlikely to find many better examples than this.

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