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The Diaries of Adam and Eve - Edinburgh 2011

Aug 13, 2011

Whatsonstage ***

Rebecca Vaughan and Elton Townend Jones perform this extended sketch imagining the relationship of Adam and Eve with such brio and volume that they almost persuade us that it isn’t as thoroughly silly as it is.

Vaughan, astonishing as Elizabeth I last year, brings more than a touch of Miranda Richardson to her schoolgirly Eve, while Jones (who also adapts, from Mark Twain) does well to match her while dressed in a green flowery shirt. If only we were all descended from these two.

It’s mildly amusing but the anachronisms (it’s a “we hadn’t invented the ladder yet” type of show) are irritating and inconsistent. Eve doesn’t know what superfluous means and yet refers to axioms and has no problem with Adam referring to “default settings”. Odd.

Eve’s final speech is much more the ticket and Adam’s last line is beautiful, but such pleasures feel much lighter on the ground than one might expect from Twain. The rather flat and slow-paced production doesn’t help matters either.

The fruits of this show may not be forbidden, and many may enjoy them, but they are unfortunately less succulent than expected.

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