Benet Catty Productions

Glasvegas The Original 1977 Musical - Edinburgh 2012

Aug 15, 2012

Whatsonstage ***

Eccentric, cartoony and warm-hearted, this retro musical comedy is a bizarre blend of Jersey Boys' plot, Grease-style melodies and end of term lark. The appealing comedy duo act so hyper that there were points where we seemed to be at a Phil Cool convention. It’s like Father Ted performed by The Proclaimers.

Three not very likely lads realise that Glasgow (“gross-ville”) is not a place for them and want a bit of adventure. They set up a rock group (who doesn’t?) then rob a bank, go to court and live the dream. It may not be subtle, and it may be more light-hearted than comic, but the zeal with which the cast of seven attack the material keeps the pace spinning along amusingly, ably supported by Patrick Neil Doyle, who also directs.

There’s just about enough plot to give the plucky student cast their own moments in the sun, and although they all have good voices it is in the 50s blends that they really show themselves off. Like McDonalds and much else that appeared in the 50s, Glasvegas may be forgettable but at least it’s fun.

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