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Histrionics/Black Dog Day

Histrionics by James Butler

Black Dog Day by Sharon Kanolik
(Tristan Bates)

Spring 2008



James Butler (Histrionics)

Lucky Dogs Theatre

Daniela Finley
Andy King
Rory McCallum
Dan Wilder
Brendan Wyer

Black Dog Day:
Anola Chase
Paul Etuka

Histrionics by James Butler

(Etcetera Theatre, January 2008)

A staged reading of a new play set in a 16th century tavern, and showcasing the flair for pastiche period dialogue of writer James Butler.

The play ultimately made it to a successful run at the Edinburgh Festival six months later, directed by Benet’s regular collaborator, James Martin Charlton.

Black Dog Day by Sharon Kanolik
(Tristan Bates, February 2008)
Cast: Anola Chase, Paul Etuka.

Performed as part of the Lucky Dogs’ “666” evening of 6 actors performing 6 plays by 6 writers for two nights at the Tristan Bates. The writers had all met through the Royal Court Writers’ Programme. Sharon Kanolik’s 17-minute scene shows an unusual reunion in which a father unwittingly hires his daughter as a prostitute.


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