Benet Catty Productions


A 5-minute play
by Benet Catty

September 2008



Sound Designer
Simon Perkin

Lost Theatre
Benet Catty Productions Ltd

Austin Hardiman
Mark Martin

ďA Pinteresque dialogue wilfully obscure... very mysterious... A nice solid piece of writing, very stylish"

LOST Festival Judging Panel

Written for Lost Theatre's inaugural 5-minute festival of mini-plays, MARCH was a witty, surprising play in which two long-time best friends have a conversation.

Alex and Lloyd banter about the fact that Alex says he's written a play but is not yet sure how to present it. The chat is cut short when it becomes clear that Alex knows about something Lloyd has gone, and tells him "I'm going to ruin your life". Lloyd pleads forgiveness but it's too late. It turns out Alex has already exacted his revenge. Alex hands over the script of his 'play' and Lloyd turns to the last page and goes white.

Performed with great pace and panache by Mark Martin and Austin Hardiman - both of whom had worked with Benet before- March was based on a scene from an unproduced play in which one friend plans to destroy another and in so-doing destroys much more.


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