Benet Catty Productions

Single Fare to Zurich

A play by
James Woolf

October 2008
May 2009


Sound Designer
Simon Perkin


Alexa Brown
Emma Carver /Ashlea Kaye
John Last
Robert Lightfoot

Three years after their first collaboration on City Lights, Benet reunited with James Woolf to direct the latter's one-act play as part of a comedy festival and then again for the Lost Festival at New End.

Spencer is an awkward man visiting Jessica in a block of flats in Zurich, Switzerland. Next door, Colin, another awkward man, is about to have sex with Nita who he met on a web design course.

It transpires that Jessica is working for Dignitas, the company which assists people to commit suicide, and that Spencer is there to die. Colin, meanwhile, is trying to get them evicted.

As the play develops, Nita and Spencer meet by chance and form a surprising friendship, while Colin and Jessica begin to understand each other's positions. In a farcical final scene, Spencer gets more than the kiss of life and all the characters are brought to a moment of revelation.

Staged over the course of a week, and with much rewriting and refining of the script - including a newly written epilogue in which all the characters write to the head of Dignitas - Single Fare to Zurich was a quirky, witty and occasionally touching piece dealing with a subject which is constantly returning to the news headlines.


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