Benet Catty Productions

Shakespeare @ Scoop

Staged Readings of
Twelfth Night
Measure for Measure
As You Like It

October 2009

Ann Acott
Peter Karl Burgess
Clare Cameron
Chandrika Chevali
Jessica Clark
Cathy Conneff
Julia Eve
Laura Hamilton-Gould
Achara Kirk
Yvonne Martin
Elizabeth Palmer
Gareth Pilkington
Amy Rhodes
Sarah Straker

Easily the most eccentric project Benet has ever done, he was brought in at 24 hours notice to direct 3 staged readings of 3 abbreviated Shakespeare plays with a cast of 14 actors he had never met and with an insanely short rehearsal period.

It was a relief and a surprise that on the day all three readings- fully staged at a cracking pace- were warmly received on what felt like the coldest day of the year.


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