Benet Catty Productions

Angels in America

(Part 1: Millennium Approaches)
Revival of the play by Tony Kushner

January 2012



Lighting Designer
Benet Catty

Sound Designer
Simon Perkin

Year Out Drama Company

Diego Benzoni
Hannah Brown
Alex Cairnie
Ben Gibb
Emma Godwin
Alec Mann
Millie Mountain
Annie Neat
Beth Sissons
Josh Smith
Oliver Wareham
Sophie Willis

Few more challenging prospects could have been presented to a group of 18-21 year old drama students than Tony Kushner's 3 hour epic, Angels in America. None the less, this 12-strong company relished the challenge of working on this landmark of contemporary theatre.

It's 1985. Ronald Reagan is in the White House; AIDS is on the rise and the millennium is not far off. Into this "melting pot where nothing melted" Kushner weaves a complex set of narratives about escape, fantasy, sex, death, AIDS, law, America and Mormonism.

Staged with pace and spectacle and aided by an astonishing sound-score created with his long-time sound designer Simon Perkin, Benet finally directed the play which first made him want to be a director when he saw it at the National nearly twenty years ago.

The result was a testament to the bravery of Year Out's company of young actors and to the genius of Tony Kushner's indisputable masterwork.


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