Benet Catty Productions

Three Birds Alighting on a Field

Revival of the play
by Timberlake Wertenbaker

March 2012



Lighting Designer
Elisa Jones
with Benet Catty

Sound Designer
Joanna Woolley
with Simon Perkin

Stage Managers
Amelia Bullock
Chloe Riley

Birmingham School of Acting

Kristin Alexander
Pippa Gibb
Linda Hargreaves
Amanda Ryan Jones
Von Dexter Montegut III
Danielle Pinnock
Pete Ramsay
Artu Dirzo Gomez Rodolfo

A rare revival of Timberlake Wertenbaker's award-winning play about the art scene in London in the late 1980s, performed by students at the Birmingham School of Acting.

Originally starring Harriet Walter and David Bamber in a production by Max Stafford-Clark (also the original director of Shopping & F***ing, which Benet directed in 2002), this in-house production was staged with considerable visual flair. Costumes were all in primary colours and the stage was lined with blank canvases variously lit in primary colours and with costumes and props positioned on easels lining the back of the stage, which were all utilised in plain sight. A play about creation was given a production about creativity.

Featuring tight choreographed transitions (as so often in Benet's work) and with the whole company on stage throughout, Three Birds showed off a talented Anglo-American ensemble of actors and the brilliance of a Wertenbaker play which deserves to be seen more frequently on professional stages.


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