Benet Catty Productions

Sunday in the Park with George

Workshop production of the musical by
Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine

July 2012 / May 2014



Musical Director
Huw Geraint Griffith

Arts Educational School of Musical Theatre

2012 CAST

Rosie Bates
Max Brown
Lizzie Connelly
Scarlett Courtney
Roger Dipper
Ben Fenner
Robin Lake
Genesis Lynea
Lauren Marshall
Adam Morgan
Katie Nicholls
Ryan Reid
Leo Roberts
Ross Russell
Ben Talbot
Dickie Wood

2014 CAST

Vicki Brown
Matt Chase
Adam Cooper
Eamonn Cox
Sarah Day
Benedikt de la Bedoyere
Mal Hall
Emily Langham
Amy Little
Patrick O'Sullivan
Amy Perry
Phil Ryan
Sienna Sebek
Leah West

A matter of months after directing a play about modern art, Benet directed a workshop staging of Sondheim and Lapine's great musical about pointilism, love and art in all its many definitions.

Performed on a bare stage with a cast of second year musical theatre students all dressed in black but for a splash of one of the primary colours, this presentation attempted to do for the show what the show does for art - to make the achievement of the effect as valuable as the effect. The stage pictures created not only helped the simple telling of the story but showed the piece off as being a delicate show about characters rather than an intimidating meditation on art, as it is sometimes wrongly assumed to be.

Many of the students have got off to fantastic starts in their professional careers. As of March 2014 they can currently be seen in Les Miserables, I Can't Sing, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and Mamma Mia, amongst others.

In May 2014 Benet returned to ArtsEd to restage this presentation with another group of equally talented second year students.


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