Benet Catty Productions

Twelfth Night

Revival of the play by William Shakespeare

August 2014


2,500 approx.

Cambridge Shakespeare Festival

Frederick Aarons
Elena Clements
Robert Daoust
Darrie Gardner
Rob Goll
A W King
Gareth Llewellyn
Robin Maurice Owen
Therese Robinson
Tim Weston

Following the triumphant success of his production of A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, Benet's next production for the Cambridge Shakespeare Festival was a swiftly paced revival of the perennial romantic comedy TWELFTH NIGHT.

As with DREAM, the production contained no gimmicks; just the brisk and clear telling of the complicated set of intersecting stories. The one unusual ingredient was to use the full company to share key lines about fate uttered by the four key romantic protagonists, almost as if a Greek chorus, to set each of them on their journey to Orsino's court and give a sense of their stories being at some level beyond their control ("my stars shine darkly over me" says Sebastian).

Despite its run being occasionally marred by the inevitable unpredictable weather of a British summertime, TWELFTH NIGHT proved to be a popular production, many of its audiences experiencing the play for the very first time.


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