Benet Catty Productions


Revival of the play by
Moira Buffini

July 2015


350 approx

Set Designer
Rachel Wingate

Lighting Designer
Charlie Morgan Jones

Sound Designer
Simon Perkin & Phil Bell

Arts Educational Schools

Aram Armaghanian
Sam Blake
Madelaine Cunningham
David East
Marcus Frewin-Ridley
Alex Gray
Donncha Kearney
Elizabeth Lloyd-Raynes
Jonathan McGarrity
Mary Salkeld
Emily Schofield

In Summer 2015 Benet directed ten of ArtsEd\\\'s MA students in their first and only main stage production, LOVEPLAY, by Moira Buffini who has most recently been acclaimed for her comedy Handbagged and her musical with Damon Albarn.

LOVEPLAY is a variant on La Ronde. In the Schnitzler original, we see ten scenes of sexual assignations and one character from each goes on to the next until finally the last character sleeps with the first again. In LOVEPLAY, though, Buffini sets the play on the same patch of ground but in ten different historical periods moving from Roman times through the vikings, the enlightenment and finally to a contemporary bar. And, unlike in La Ronde, the women tend to come out on top.

As he\\\'s done on many previous shows, Benet had the production driven by the ensemble with brisk choreographed scene changes (performed by the actors in identical underwear) with, in the closing scene, figures from earlier in the show watching the contemporary scene almost as ghosts as the show became increasingly abstract.

For all its succession of (largely unsuccessful) sex acts and some full frontal nudity, LOVEPLAY is a play about people from all times wanting to connect and finding that sex is often not the way to achieve that.

A sexy and talented cast helped LOVEPLAY to be a fun, funny, funky and unexpectedly tender production to end their year of study at one of London\\\'s leading drama schools.


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