Benet Catty Productions

The Fury

Workshop of a play by
Joy Wilkinson

Warehouse Theatre, Croydon



Croydon Warehouse

Steve Besford
Brett Goldstein
Benjamin Smith
David Westerby

The Warehouse Theatre, Croydon has long been a major promoter of new writers and new plays. Amongst their activities over the past two decades they have hosted the International Playwriting Festival in which a selection of plays entered from all over Britain and Europe are given a presentation, along with extracts from the work of writers who have been developing under the theatre's in-house workshop programme.

The Fury was the first play by Joy Wilkinson (who has since gone on to write for the Tricycle), in which four friends who work in computers and modern technology discover that the medium of communication can also be a medium of lies and deceit.

The 25 minute presentation, covering only the first act, saw the reunion of three actors who had enjoyed success with Benet's productions before Brett Goldstein, David Westerby and Steve Besford. They were joined for the short project by Benjamin Smith.

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