Benet Catty Productions

Kiss of the Spiderwoman

Revival of the play by
Manuel Puig
translated by Allen Baker

August 2002



Set Designer
Benet Catty

Lighting Designer
Benet Catty

Sound Designer
Andrew Smith

Benet Catty Productions Ltd

Sebastian Bates
David Westerby

the voice of
Eugene O'Hare

Kiss had been in the pipeline for three years but for various reasons had had to be postponed several times. Its bad luck continued when the future of this Edinburgh production the first professional revival of the play in over a decade hung in the balance due to one of the actors withdrawing from the project a week before rehearsals began.

Manuel Puig's intimate two-hander, based on his novel and made famous by the Oscar-winning film and Tony-winning musical, is set in an anonymous jail cell.

A homosexual window-dresser (Molina) and a Marxist revolutionary (Valentin) are thrown together.As Molina tells the stories of his favourite movies and Valentin dreams of a better world, their initial antipathy becomes affection and then dependency.

As their relationship becomes more intense, their tragedy becomes more inevitable.

Boasting two outstanding performances from David Westerby and Sebastian Bates and a striking cinematic style created by lights, music and a monochrome design, Kiss won uniformly excellent reviews.


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