Benet Catty Productions


David Mamet

August 2000
Edinburgh Festival

September 2001
Millfield Theatre



Set Designer
Benet Catty

Lighting Designer
Benet Catty

Benet Catty Productions Ltd

Original Cast
Brett Goldstein
Emma Cooper
Jon Drever
Xanthe Fuller
Muneer Albusaidi
Lindsay Shaw
Phil Brown
James Dennision

London Cast
Brett Goldstein
Oliver Burns
Emma Cooper
Kathryn Daubney
Sarah Easton
Kobna Holdbrook-Smith
Eugene O'Hare
Joseph Pitcher
Lindsay Shaw

Edmond was first presented at the Edinburgh Fringe in August 2000, with a cast drawn from the University of Warwick. The production, a rare incarnation of Mamet's brooding thriller, was widely acclaimed.

It was featured on the Pleasance's Pick of the Fringe Show; featured in The Times' Pick of Edinburgh three weeks running; and won some superb reviews, albeit from an unusual collection of sources.

David Mamet's dark psychological thriller follows one man's journey through the underworld of New York in the 1980s. Edmond's struggle for identity becomes a struggle for his very survival as he journeys through the bars, peepshows, and street corners in search of a new life. And then he meets a beautiful waitress who could save him. But can he be saved?

This production used stylised sequences of mime and movement and was choreographed to a modern film noir score, making the production more of a psychological journey and the protagonist more sympathetic.

The 'filmic, slick feel' (Stage) and the lighting were developed further in the London version, with a largely new and more experienced company of professionals brought together to make the production all the more spectacular and engaging.


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