Benet Catty Productions

A View from the Bridge

Arthur Miller

Warwick Arts
Centre Studio



Set Designer
Benet Catty

Lighting Designer
Chris Vowden & Benet Catty

Warwick University Drama Society

Nils Kilgren
Katy Wix
Natalie Taylor
Ben James
Lee Jones
Adam Peck

This stylised film-noir staging of Arthur Miller's classic masterpiece sold out the run in advance, partly due to the interest of local school groups. The Saturday matinee which was added, also played to near-capacity.

Reconceived as a modern psychological thriller, A View from the Bridge follows the journey of Eddie Carbone to realise his romantic feelings for his teenage niece, Catherine, and his desperate decision to rid her boyfriend, Rodolpho, his wife Beatrice's illegal immigrant cousin, from their lives by reporting him to the immigration bureau. The community realises he is responsible, and reject him from their midst, sowing the scenes for his ultimate self-destruction in the arms of his wife.

With a set consisting only of five doorframes, and with a set and costumes in monochrome, underscored with a modern retro-film noir soundtrack by Ennio Morricone, this production reconceived the play as a modern psycho-sexual film. Alfieri, the often-narrator figure in the play, delivered several of his speeches in voice-over form, the lighting made spectacular use of beams created through a mist, and cross-fades. In the final sequence leading up to the confrontation which ends Eddie's life, the community people, threaded through the story as a Greek chorus, collapsed the doorframes to the ground and the encounter thriller, as the performers whizzed around the stage as if the audience's camera was circling the fight.

Benet regards Bridge as his best work, and hopes one day to re-mount the production.


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