Benet Catty Productions

Forgotten Classics

Porcelain and Pink
by F Scott Fitzgerald
by Eugene O'Neill

August 2007



Primavera Productions

Porcelain & Pink
Mark Martin
Derval Mellett
Anna Mitcham

Kathryn Daubney
Eugene O’Hare
Jude Owusu Achiaw

The young theatre company, Primavera Productions, presented a series of rehearsed/staged readings of forgotten plays by well known American writers. Benet was asked to direct two one act plays by The Great Gasby author F Scott Fitzgerald and Eugene O’Neill, author of such masterpieces as Long Days Journey into Night.

Porcelain and Pink is a warm, witty 15 minute play about a young girl naked in a bath teasing her sister for her prudery and allowing her sister’s date, a nervous young man, to mistake one for the other.

In Thirst, an American male, a young dancer and a black sailor find themselves onboard a raft after their ship has sunk, surrounded only by sea, with the sun blazing down and sharks circling them in the water. Running 45 minutes, this mini epic has all the poetry typical of O’Neill encased in a play which, astonishingly, he wrote when he was 25 and did so as many years before Beckett’s Waiting for Godot, which it closely resembles, became an iconic play in the history of the theatre. As performed by a terrific cast - including Eugene O’Hare who first worked with Benet on Edmond seven years ago and more recently played in Moon for the Misbegotten alongside Kevin Spacey in London and New York – Thirst was revealed to be a masterpiece.

The two plays, along with two short Tennessee Williams, created a charming evening at the Kings Head theatre which played to a near-capacity audience, showing a taste for seeing what some of the most famous authors of the twentieth century wrote before they reached their legendary status.


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