Benet Catty Productions

Measure for Measure

William Shakespeare

May 2007


Metta Theatre

Sebastian Bates
Kathryn Daubney
Brett Goldstein
Craig Hamblyn
Gary Hunt
Anna Mitcham
Emilie-Kate Owen
Nick Afka Thomas

As the first performance of a series produced by Metta Theatre at the White Bear of rehearsed/staged readings of Shakespeare plays, Ben directed one of his favourites, Measure for Measure.

Vienna is going to the dogs - a moral vacuum infested with promiscuity and depravity which the Duke Vincentio can't do anything about. So he appoints Angelo, a severe cold-blooded man, as his deputy to clean the place up. Whorehouses are closed, lowlifes are arrested and men who have impregnated their girlfriends are sentenced to death. But when an attractive young nun comes to Angelo to plead for the life of her brother, the steely deputy is rocked to his foundations and moral depravity gives way to political corruption.

Playing the key roles of Angelo and Isabella were Sebastian Bates and Kathryn Daubney who, as well as working with Benet before, had also previously played their respective roles some years before while training. Although playing to a tiny audience, the experience of working on it has further whetted Benís appetite to direct it properly, in a production which he conceived some years ago and still hopes heíll one day be able to do it.


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