Benet Catty Productions

Wildwood Park

European Premiere of the play by
Doug Wright

January 2006
Bridewell Theatre, London (Lunchbox Season)



Lighting Designer
Benet Catty

Sound Designer
Andrew Smith

No Agenda Theatre Company
The Bridewell Theatre

James McNeil
Caron McNish

Staged as part of the Bridewell Theatre’s Lunchbox Season of short plays people could see in their lunch hour, this was the UK premiere of Pulitzer Prize winning Doug Wright’s tense two hander in which an estate agent shows a mysterious potential buyer around a house in which a family was recently brutally murdered.

Written to be performed with no set of any kind, this black box staging used just bits of mime with sound and lighting to suggest the different rooms in the house which the characters move between and was an eerie, curious little gem of a play which deserves wider attention than it has so far received.


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