Benet Catty Productions

Roald Dahl Project

by Benet Catty
based on the life & work of Roald Dahl

December 2005
Arts Educational, London
(School of Musical Theatre)

June 2010
Year Out Drama Company,


In-house performances

Arts Educational
Year Out Drama

Thomas Camileri
Janine Cowell
Ben Davies
Frances Haugen
Stacey Hayden
Natalie Higgins
Julian Hoult
James Knight
Gretchen Lodge
Hannah Malekzad
Rachael Parrott
Stephen Rae
Bea Rae
Gregor Scott
Emily Spicer
Daniel Tawse
Trisha Turner

Gareth Balai
Matt Barter
Laura Blomvall
Joshua Bluteau
Hadley Brown
Livy Clarke
Francesca Cole
Susie Dane
Mark Davies
Darcy Donelan
Martha Lambert
Hannah Maguire
Rory McGhie
Alastair McPhail
Ben Meagher
Samuel Lesser
Danny Lunn
Daniel Piper
Amy Powell
Eleanor Richards
Laura Roberts
Andrew Rowe
Penny Simons
Renske Sterkennburg
Jemima Wilson
Ben Woodhall

In Autumn 2005 Benet was asked to work with the first year students at Arts Educational School’s Musical Theatre course on a project which would develop them as actors and be performed in-house to other students. “The Roald Dahl Project” was deisgned to be a mixture of a celebration of the legendary children’s author’s work and an analysis of him as a person.

Drawing on research assembled by the 17-strong company of students, variously from his own novels, biographies, articles and essays, the final 45 minute performance had everyone play a variety of roles, whether major or minor characters from the Dahl canon, or critics and friends who’d commented on him or his work. The show was a mix of verbatim theatre, jackanory and re-enactment of classic scenes. Almost everyone, at some stage, played Roald Dahl himself.

The play included famous scenes from Boy, The Witches, Danny Champion of the World, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, George’s Marvellous Medicine, The Twits, James and the Giant Peach and Going Solo.

In 2010, Benet expanded the piece for the Year Out Drama Company in Stratford-upon-Avon and its cast of 26 students. This new and substantially revised version of the play proved to much more successfully demonstrate the variety of Dahl's life and work than the original piece and once again proved an ideal showcase for the talents of a student company.


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